What We Do

We’re Proud of Our Successes


Caritas Management Corporation is delivering the finest in property management services with cost-effectiveness and efficiency to our valued clients. We take pride in delivering quality services to owners and individuals while enhancing the lives of our residents and employees of our communities.


We dedicate ourselves to developing relationships and fully understand our community and clients’ needs for quality services.



  • Personal – We take interest in our community’s unique affordable housing property management needs.
  • Reliable – We are being accessible and dependable. 
  • Integrity – We are dedicated to providing honest and reliable services.
  • Dependable – We provide high-quality services to our owners and residents.
  • Excellent – We make sure Caritas Management Corporation represents the highest business standards.


Caritas Management Corporation (CMC) was created in 1982 as an independent, for-profit subsidiary of non-profit Mission Housing Development Corporation (MHDC) to provide professional property management and other services to MHDC’s developments as well as to other non-profit clients.

CMC is a homegrown, neighborhood-based company with its roots firmly embedded in MHDC’s philosophy and vision of fostering healthy residential communities. CMC takes great pride in recruiting skilled employees from our resident base and the immediate community who can identify with CMC’s history and philosophy, thrive in a team setting, and uphold our exemplary standards of performance.

equal opportunity housing Caritas Management Corporation - 1358 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 handicapped housing
Tel. (415) 647-7191 - Fax. (415) 648-3919

If you have any questions for disability that requires a reasonable accommodation,

please contact Section 504 Coordinator:

Tel. (415) 647-7191 ext. 112 - TTY / TDD: 711 or 1-800-545-1833 ext. 468


CMC shall not discriminate because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender identity, marital or domestic partner status, sexual preference, familial status, national origin, ancestry, age, physical disability, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or HIV status in the leasing, rental, or other disposition of housing or related facilities.